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Virus Scanning Reverse Proxy Server Now Available for Debian 10 Linux
6/17/2021 - Laura Bouchard

We are excited to announce that our Virus Scanning Reverse Proxy Server is now available for Debian 10 Linux! This installation option is in addition to the Windows 2016 server and will improve the accessibility of the Reverse Proxy Server for more users. In case you need a reminder, our Reverse Proxy service is a no-code solution that can be integrated into your web application to automatically scan files for viruses before they reach your server. Now, we will take a quick look at what you need for the Debian 10 Linux installation.

Installation Pre-requisites

Debian 10 with a graphical user interface (GUI) enabled is required, and you should be sure to run the latest software updates prior to initiating the installation.

Hardware Provisioning

You will need to provision the hardware or virtual machines and the associated infrastructure. For single-node operation, a single server is required; for high-availability, a minimum of two nodes is required.

Performing the Installation

To perform the installation, simply navigate to the Cloudmersive Management portal, log in, and click on Private Cloud Deployment. To install a node in the cluster, you will select the corresponding node, then click on Debian 10 Linux and follow the instructions for your environment.

Outbound Network Connectivity

Some outbound network connectivity from your Linux Server to Cloudmersive services is required; refer to the instructions to whitelist or allow the outbound network connectivity where appropriate.

New Export Feature Added to API Analytics
6/10/2021 - Laura Bouchard

Our API Analytics function, which allows you to monitor API usage for each of your API keys via audit log, just got even better with the addition of an export feature. This new feature will export your usage data to an Excel document, which can provide organized and valuable insight on which APIs you or your business are utilizing the most.

Step 1 – Access API Analytics

To access API Analytics, simply head to your Cloudmersive Management Portal and select the API Analytics function.

Step 2 – View & Export Logs

Once you reach the API Analytics page, you will encounter a few drop-down menus. Here, you will select the API key, API type (i.e. Document and Conversion API, OCR API, etc.), and the maximum number of results you wish to view. Now, before you click the ‘View Logs’ button, you can check the ‘Enable Export’ box to generate an Excel report of the results.

Step 3 – Download Results

At the top of the Data section, there will be a Download Excel link with an arrow next to it; to download your results, simply click on the link and open the newly generated Excel file.

That’s it for this week, but be sure to check back in with us soon as we share more featured APIs and new services in the coming weeks.

API Spotlight: Validation APIs to Protect Your Data
6/3/2021 - Laura Bouchard

Last week we highlighted a couple of our conversion APIs, so this week we will be switching things around and shining the spotlight on a few of our validation APIs. The following APIs can be used alone or in tandem to protect your personal or business data from various cyber threats.

Full Email Address Validation API

The first function we will discuss is the full email address validation API. Email is one of the most universal communication tools across the world, which also means it is one of the most popular targets for attacks. This API allows you to check for syntactic correctness, identify the mail server, and contact the server to validate the existence of the account without sending any emails.

Full URL Validation API

Next up is our full URL validation API; similar to the previous function, this validation API will perform a full, in-depth validation of its target input, which in this case is a URL address. By checking if the input URL is syntactically valid, whether it exists, and whether the endpoints pass virus scan checks, you can ensure each URL you interact with is free from threats.

IP Intelligence Validation API

Our last featured API is the IP Intelligence API. This is a multi-use function that will not only scan a single IP address against a database of known threat IPs, bots, and Tor exit nodes, but will also provide the physical location of the address.

We will be sharing more API spotlights and new features over the coming weeks, so be sure to check back in with us soon.

API Spotlight: Edit PDFs to Fit Your Needs
5/27/2021 - Laura Bouchard

When you think of conversion APIs, you generally think of converting a document from one format to another, such as CSV to XLSX or DOCX to PDF. However, in today’s blog post, I’d like to shine the spotlight on a couple of our popular PDF conversion APIs that allow you to edit a PDF document to (literally) fit your needs.

Reduce PDF File Size API

Our first featured API reduces PDF file size by digitally compressing and optimizing its contents. This can be particularly helpful when sharing large documents such as contracts or manuals via email.

Resize PDF API

While the previous API focuses on changing the file size of a PDF, this API focuses on altering the actual paper size. This function will allow you to instantly adjust the paper size of a PDF document to meet the requirements of any project. The paper sizes run from A7 (the smallest) to A0 (the largest); for reference, the standard letter size is A4.

As a reminder, these conversion APIs can be used in over a dozen programming languages, as well as no-code/low-code connectors such as Power Automate and Logic Apps. To test them out, simply head over to the Convert API section of our API Console.

Feel the Flow with our Power Automate Connector How-to Videos
5/12/2021 - Laura Bouchard

Since launching our YouTube channel in October, we have created 25+ instructional videos on how to utilize our API connectors in Power Automate. The goal of the videos is to provide comprehensive, real-time walkthroughs for the wide range of functions available through the connectors.

If you are unfamiliar with our API connectors, we have a great lineup available in Power Automate and Logic Apps that reflect similar categories to our APIs, e.g. Document Conversion, Data Validation, Virus Scan, Natural Language Processing, etc. I’ve provided a varied selection of video examples below that you can incorporate into your workflows to improve productivity and efficiency.

Check them out here:

How to Convert an Excel File to JSON in Power Automate and Logic Apps

How to Get PDF Metadata in Power Automate and Logic Apps

How to Virus Scan and Quarantine a File in Power Automate and Logic Apps

How to Generate a QR Code in Power Automate and Logic Apps

How to Convert Word Documents to PDF in Power Automate and Logic Apps

Customizable Protection: Cloudmersive Reverse Proxy Server Policies
5/4/2021 - Laura Bouchard

In December, we introduced you to our Virus Scanning Reverse Proxy service; as a reminder, this no-code solution automatically protects web applications from threats before they get a chance to reach your server. In today’s blog post, I am going to dive a bit deeper into the solution by providing a brief overview of the security policies that you can set up according to your company’s needs.

Virus Scan File Uploads (mulitpart/form-data) – Regular or Advanced Scan

Our most popular security policy, application of this setting will automatically scan any file uploads to your site via multipart/form-data and block the request from passing to the target server if the request is contaminated. Target threat types include viruses and malware, with the option to allow/block executables, scripts, macros, invalid files, password-protected files, and specific file types as well.

Virus Scan JSON Binary Data – Regular or Advanced Scan

Application of this policy will allow you to automatically scan base-64 encoded binary file data in JSON requests. Additional options include setting a URL Match Regular Expression, setting a URL for a virus found notification page or error page, and configuring specific JSON fields to virus scan by specifying a JSON path.

SQL Injection Protection

The SQLI protection policy will guard your web application from SQL Injection attacks by automatically scanning text inputs.

XXE Protection

Similar to the SQLI protection policy, the XXE protection policy will automatically scan text inputs for XML External Entity attacks.

XSS Protection for Request Parameters

This policy enables you to block Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attack requests.

IP Blocklist and IP Allowlist

The IP Blocklist policy will allow you to block access from any IP addresses specified on the blocklist, and the IP Allowlist policy will allow you to block access from any IP addresses NOT specified on the allowlist. The latter policy is primarily used for internal services/APIs.

Rate Limit

Configure a Rate Limit policy to automatically block client IP addresses that exceed the defined rate limit; this is achieved by defining the rate limit value and unit of time (per second/per minute).

Block Known Bot, Threat, or Tor Clients

The titles of these three policies are basically self-explanatory; you can choose to block known bot clients, threat clients, or Tor clients by configuring any or all of the policies.

If you have questions or would like more information, you can contact our knowledgeable team, who are always happy to help.

New Validation APIs to Up your Security Game
4/27/2021 - Laura Bouchard

It seems that the list of online threats is constantly growing, which is why our engineers at Cloudmersive are continually researching and developing new APIs and services to protect you from all angles. This week, I’m excited to share four new data validation APIs that have been designed to scan for threats that fly under the radar of basic anti-virus software. These functions have been uploaded and are available for use in our API Console.

Scan Text for Structured Query Language (SQL) Injection Attacks

We have added two new APIs that will scan a single text input or multiple text inputs in batch for SQL injection attacks; these attacks target security vulnerabilities within website or database form fields and have become a serious online threat to many companies. Integration of these APIs will allow you to automatically detect an SQLI attack and define the threat detection level you want to utilize; set it to Normal to target a high-security SQL Injection detection level with a very low false positive rate, or select High to target a very-high security SQL Injection detection level with higher false positives. Default is Normal (recommended).

Check Text for XML External Entity (XXE) Attacks

Similar to the above APIs, our next validation APIs were also designed to scan a single text input or multiple text inputs in batch. However, these functions target XXE attacks, which are a type of cyber-threat that exploits an opening that occurs when an application parses an XML request to create an output. In addition to scanning the input text for XXE attacks, this API includes optional parameters to block internet-based dependency URLs such as DTDs or create lists of safe/un-safe URLs.

Keep an eye out for our next update which will be coming soon! If you have questions about these APIs or any of our other services, you can reach out to our expert team, who will be happy to assist.

Cloudmersive Storage Protect: Azure Blob Edition
4/23/2021 - Laura Bouchard

In our previous blog post, I shared how you can use our Cloudmersive Storage Protect service for AWS S3. Now – as promised – I’m going to discuss how to use it to protect files uploaded to an Azure Blob.

Process Overview

Similar to the AWS S3 process, the Cloudmersive Storage Protection system integrates with your Azure Blob system to apply security policies for all files that are uploaded to a Blob container. Notifications will be sent when new files are created or updated, and the service will automatically respond with the necessary action.

Flexible Deployment

Again, deployment for your Azure Blob storage will be very similar to the AWS S3 options. You can choose to use Cloudmersive Storage Protection in a Managed Instance or in a Private Cloud self-managed deployment. For both models, you will need to contact your Cloudmersive rep to provision the required instance or licenses.

Connection and Setup

The setup for your Azure Blob service is very simple and can be completed within 5 minutes.

The first step is to navigate to the Cloudmersive Account Portal to add a connection by filling in the required fields and specifying the outcome actions you want to occur when Clean or Infected files are identified.

Then you will configure the callback from Azure Storage to Cloudmersive Storage Protect by managing the connection you created in the previous step, adding your API key, and following the instructions provided to setup the Azure Blob Storage notifications to your Cloudmersive server.

Want more details? We created a video on our YouTube channel which showcases the process step-by-step. Check it out here:

How to Scan Azure Blob Files for Viruses

Introducing Cloudmersive Storage Protect for AWS S3
4/16/2021 - Laura Bouchard

Have you checked out our Cloudmersive Storage Protect service yet? It allows you to protect your cloud storage from viruses, malware, and other threats by automatically scanning files and objects uploaded to AWS S3 or Azure - no coding required! In this post, I’m going to give you a quick rundown of what the process looks like for AWS S3 and how the setup works.

Seamless Integration

The Cloudmersive Storage Protection system integrates with your AWS S3 system, allowing you to apply security policies for all files that are uploaded to AWS S3. You’ll get notified when new files are created or updated, and the service will automatically respond with the necessary action.

Flexible Deployment

You can choose to use Cloudmersive Storage Protect in a Managed Instance or in a Private Cloud self-managed deployment. For both options, you will need to contact your Cloudmersive rep to provision the required instance or licenses.

Get Connected

Setup for this service is super quick and efficient.

First, you’ll create a secure cloud connection between Cloudmersive Storage Protect and AWS S3; you can specify the outcome actions for what you want to happen when Clean or Infected files are found, allowing for a fully customized experience.

After that, all you’ll need to do is connect AWS S3 back to Cloudmersive Storage Protect by managing the connection you created and setting up notifications to the Cloudmersive server.

Keep an eye out for our next blog post, which will discuss how to use Cloudmersive Storage Protect for Azure Blob! If you have any questions, reach out to our excellent sales team, who are always happy to help.

We've Added New Programming Languages to our Library
4/8/2021 - Laura Bouchard

Here at Cloudmersive, we are constantly exploring opportunities to enhance our product line and improve the overall experience for our customers. In the previous blog post, I hinted that we had some exciting new capabilities added, and now I am pleased to announce that five new programming languages are available across our entire library of APIs! The additional languages have already been uploaded to our API Console, so you can check them out at your convenience.


One of the most popular programming languages out there, JavaScript was a no-brainer addition to the library. Along with HTML and CSS, it’s a core online technology and an essential piece of web applications.


Developed by Apple and the open-source community as an updated and more secure replacement for Objective-C, Swift is one of the fastest-growing programming languages.


C++ was created as an extension of the C programming language, and while they are very similar, they do have some significant differences. For the APIs, we have consolidated them under one option, and the developer can specify which language they want to use.


Go is a programming language that was designed by Google to improve programming productivity and provide an alternative that took some of the positives from other programming languages and left out the negatives.


Client URL (cURL) is a little different than the above additions, but valuable nonetheless; it is a computer software project which provides a library and command-line tool that allows you to transfer data via various network protocols.

New AllowMacros Feature Added to Advanced Virus Scan API
3/23/2021 - Laura Bouchard

Macros have two sides; on one hand they can be incredibly helpful for automating repetitive tasks and saving time, but on the other hand, they have a history of being the vehicles for malicious content distribution online. To guard against the less desirable side of macros, we have added a new AllowMacros feature to our Advanced Virus Scan API.

Advanced Virus Scan

As a reminder, our Advanced Virus Scan API provides 360-degree content protection with customizable rules to meet your business’s needs. The AllowMacros feature joins several other parameters such as AllowExecutables, AllowScripts, and AllowInvalidFiles to assist in protecting you and your customers. To activate these features, you simply set the parameter to false to block the potential threat.

Broad Content Security

If set to false, the AllowMacros component will shield you from threats embedded in document files such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint embedded macros, as well as other embedded content threats.

Stay Tuned

We have been adding new APIs and programming languages over the past few weeks, so we will be sharing info about those soon! Keep checking back for updates and if you have questions, never hesitate to contact our knowledgeable Sales team.

Cloudmersive Meets Mendix: A New and Exciting Partnership
1/14/2021 - Laura Bouchard

We are pleased to share that the Cloudmersive API Suite is now available on Mendix, a low-code platform that rapidly creates applications to serve business needs. Implementation and sign-up for a free account can be done in just five minutes; once complete, you will have access to all the Cloudmersive APIs with one plan/pricing model and end-to-end support and services.

How It Works

The Cloudmersive Mendix Connector takes some of our most popular APIs and uses visual development tools to enable quick results with minimal manual coding.

Key Features

  • Scan files for viruses, generate PDF/Word files, convert documents, resize/manipulate images
  • Seamless integration in your project with reusable components
  • Example workflows and use cases to enable smart automation of your app
  • Easily extendable new features

Current Offerings

  • Virus scan
  • Image recognition/processing
  • Generation of Word Docs/PDFs based on templates
  • Content moderation for images and files with not-safe-for-work content

Future Offerings

  • Document & Data Conversion – automated file conversion for all popular file formats
  • Receipt scanning and business data extraction from photos
  • Malware scan for website URLs
  • Convert/encode/transcode videos
  • Speech-to-text

Superior Security

When using the Cloudmersive Mendix Connector, you will receive the same top-notch security that you would when using our APIs as a stand-alone. Payload data is not stored or retained after each transaction is completed, which provides you with optimal security, privacy, and performance. For more information, check out our Cloudmersive Security page.

Our Newest Service: Virus Scanning Reverse Proxy Server
12/9/2020 - Katherine Coyle

We are excited to announce the introduction of our newest service, the Virus Scanning Reverse Proxy Server. This feature can be used to automatically protect any web application or API from viruses and malware, with no code changes.

Scan and Block Malware

Stop malware uploads before they reach your server, and protect against viruses in base-64 binary data in JSON and XML APIs.

Wide Protection with No Code Changes

With a single deployment and easy management, you can utilize virus and malware protection across all your applications with no need for code changes.

Advanced Protection and Mission Critical Performance

With advanced virus scanning capabilities, this feature can scan for over 17 million virus and malware signatures, provide 360-degree content verification, and ensure multi-factor threat analysis. All of this will be partnered with high availability, disaster recovery, and multi-node and multi-datacenter region deployments to ensure mission critical infrastructure and performance.

If you’d like to learn more, contact our expert team, who are always happy to help.

Take a Look at our New Data Validation APIs
12/1/2020 - Katherine Coyle

We know how important it is to have a polished, professional platform available for use by your organization and users. This means automating and simplifying as much as possible to create a streamlined, easy-to-use site that provides all necessary data without having to perform any external queries. We are making this even more attainable by introducing five new data validation APIs to our library that will retrieve and verify information for location and time.

Normalize a Street Address

This function will take a structured street address, parse it, and return its parts as separate, normalized objects including the latitude and longitude of the location.

Get the Current Date and Time

With this, you can return the current date and time for your location. Its response is synchronized with atomic clocks so it will always be consistent and accurate.

Retrieve a list of all Public Holidays

This will enumerate a list of all the public holidays for a given country in a specified year, with support for over 100 countries.

Parse a Structured Date and Time Object

With this function, you can parse a structured date and time string into a date/time object. This is intended for standardized date strings that adhere to formatting conventions, rather than natural language input.

Use NLP to Parse Unstructured Date/Time Objects

Unlike the function above, this API will parse unstructured date/time strings. It is intended for lightweight human-entered input, such as “tomorrow at 3pm” or "Tuesday," and will be verified using Natural Language Processing to retrieve the structured time information for the input.

We’ve Added New File Conversion APIs to our Library
11/16/2020 - Katherine Coyle

I am excited to announce that we have recently updated one of our most popular offerings, our Conversion APIs! These updates include new functions that will help you automate and optimize your business such as Data File Conversion, PDF Editing and Conversion, and Document Conversion.

Convert Data Files


We have added two new APIs for converting data to XML from CSV and XLSX. XML is a universal file format that is older and more widely used that JSON. This format is computer-readable and thus it is similar to HTML easily processed by online systems. However, it is not as constrained, as it is designed for storing any data type.

Edit PDF Documents


This API will convert PDF files to PDF/A-1b or PDF/A-2b standardized documents. PDF/A is an internationally standardized form of PDF in that it meets universal compliance and compatibility standards that may not be possible with the original PDF file type. Because of this, a PDF/A file will look the same across platforms while a PDF might become corrupted or face formatting errors.

PDF Reduce File Size

This function will optimize the content of a PDF document to minimize its file size. This is useful when scanning and sharing contracts or other signed documents, as the original PDF file may be too large to email. With this function, you can reduce the size of the file by digitally compressing its contents.

PDF Linearize

With this API, you can linearize the content of a PDF file to optimize it for streaming download, particularly over web streaming. By performing the function, your PDF file will be simplified internally, with the contents stored in the correct order for viewing. Thus, large files can be viewed while its contents are downloaded to improve your overall efficiency.

Revert Office Documents to Legacy Format


For those who work with older versions of the Microsoft Office Suite, or who have partners that maintain usage of these programs, these new APIs will give you the capability to downgrade your Word (DOCX), Excel (XLSX), and PowerPoint (PPTX) documents to their legacy formats: DOC, XLS, and PPT.

Introducing Our New “How To” YouTube Channel
10/15/2020 - Katherine Coyle

To better assist you in utilizing our top-tier APIs, we have just launched our new “How To” channel over on YouTube!

The goal for this channel is to provide comprehensive, real-time walkthroughs for our functions in programs like Power Automate, Azure Logic Apps, and more. Ultimately, adding these to your workflow will not only vastly increase overall working speed but also radically boost your business’ digital capabilities with a few clicks of a button.

We already have a few videos posted for some of our Power Automate connectors.

Check them out here:

How to Convert an Excel Spreadsheet to PDF in Power Automate and Logic Apps

How to Convert a Single Excel Worksheet to PDF in Power Automate and Logic Apps

How to Convert a CSV File to JSON in Power Automate and Logic Apps

How to Convert a JPG Image to PNG in Power Automate and Logic Apps

Upgrade Security with our New IP Address and Domain Name APIs
10/5/2020 - Katherine Coyle

The security of your organization and your clients’ information is always at the forefront of our innovations. Thus, we are pleased to announce our newest IP Address and Domain Name APIs. These updates are all based around increasing your organization’s online security and protecting you from any known or unknown threats. Go check out our API Console where these functions are now up and available.

Scan for Known IP Address Threats

Boost your site’s security by allowing our IP Threat Detection API to scan any incoming IP Addresses for known botnets, bad IPs, compromised servers, and other lists of threats.

Tor Exit Node Server Detection

This function can detect if an input IP Address is a Tor exit node server. This will let you know if, and when, a user’s IP address is hidden behind a privacy wall.

Return Domain Name Quality Score

This new Domain Name API can be used to check the quality of a domain name. These scores indicate the authority of a domain name, with high scores equating to more trustworthy sites.

Keep checking back here as we continue to add to and improve our library of APIs. If you’d like to learn more, contact our expert team, who are always happy to help.

Introducing our Address Validation APIs!
9/25/2020 - Katherine Coyle

At Cloudmersive we are working constantly to increase your business capabilities through advanced, class-leading API technology. Because of that, we are always looking for new ways to add to our extensive library of APIs. Thus, we are excited to introduce our new, secure Address Validation APIs! These functions are available in our API Console now, so go take a look and check out all of their new capabilities.

Parse Addresses

You can now input unstructured text strings and our function will use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to return a formatted address with support for international and other formatting norms.

Validate Address Information

If you need to extract specific data from an input address, our APIs will parse and give select output on:

  • Street Address

  • City

  • State

  • Postal code

  • Country

  • Regional Information

This capability has support for all major international addresses and will return the latitude and longitude of the location.

Populate a List of Countries

Our Country List API will now allow you to enumerate a list of ISO 3166-1 countries including country codes, currency, region, and EU Membership.

Check European Union Membership

For those who do business internationally, we now have a function specifically for validating EU membership for an input address. This will aid in following GDPR and other EU specific regulations and cut down on hassle during international transactions.

Retrieve Currency, Region, and Time Zone Information

If you are solely looking for regional data from an address, a few of our new APIs will extract currency, continent, and time zone data directly to cut down on time and improve your workflow.

Make sure to keep an eye out for our next update so that you can stay at the cutting-edge of the API world. If you’d like to learn more about our constantly updating library of APIs, you can contact our team of experts, who are always happy to help!

Our Newest Service - Currency and Exchange Rate APIs
9/21/2020 - Katherine Coyle

Here at Cloudmersive, we aim to offer you class-leading, enterprise-grade solutions with our secure APIs. With that in mind, we are excited to announce some of our newest API offerings (available now!), Currency APIs! Within this category, we are introducing three different APIs that will enable you to easily convert prices and track and display current exchange rate data.

Convert Prices Between 30+ Currencies

This API will allow you to convert prices between international currencies automatically at your Point of Sale. Along with the price conversion, this process will return the appropriate currency symbol and ISO currency code.

Exchange Rate Data

Within this category, we have two APIs that will provide you with constantly updating exchange rate data. The first will populate a list of all available currencies along with their currency symbol, country of origin, and EU membership status, while the second will specify the exchange rates between specific source and destination currencies.

With these top-of-the-line API solutions, you can upgrade your online commerce operations and improve your productivity in an instant! For inquests concerning this or one of our many other APIs, you can contact our Cloudmersive team for help.

New Cloudmersive Enterprise Management Capabilities
9/17/2020 - Katherine Coyle

In our continued efforts to optimize your Cloudmersive experience through our secure, enterprise-grade API platform, we have rolled out a new feature on your Account Dashboard! When logging into your Cloudmersive Account, check for our latest update, the Security Center.

With this feature, you now have direct access to monitor your API Keys and usage as well as account security measures and more. This page also features two new tools for our partners on Business level and above, Two-Factor Authentication management and an API Analytics viewer.

Manage Two-Factor Authentication

Our Two-Factor Authentication helps protect your information by adding increased security to your account.

View API Analytics

The API Analytics viewer allows review of all individual API calls made through your Cloudmersive account to help you manage your end-to-end performance. This tool will also track your granular API-level access logs and provide you with real-time analytics.

The next time you access your Cloudmersive account, make sure to check out these new features and see how we are working to keep you protected and moving forward. Our team is available to help, so contact your Cloudmersive representative to learn more about everything Cloudmersive has to offer.

Video and Media Services API Released
8/10/2020 - Juanzi Li

We are excited to announce that the Cloudmersive Video and Media Services API has just been released to general availability. This powerful new API enables rapid conversion, encoding, moderation, editing and processing of video and audio content at scale.

Video Conversion and Encoding

Programmatically convert and encode videos on-demand with our powerful video encoding pipeline APIs. Leverage key formats such as MP4, MOV, WEBM, and GIF. Our high-performance APIs rapidly process input files.

Get great results by default, or customize and fine-tune encoding parameters.

Audio Conversion and Encoding

Use a similar approach for the most widely used audio formats in the industry as well. Programmatically convert and encode audio on-demand with our powerful video encoding pipeline APIs. Leverage key formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV and AAC.

Video Editing

Programmatically edit and split video streams, with support for a wide range of video formats.

Video Resize

Programmatically resize video streams, with or without aspect ratio preservation, with support for a wide range of video formats.

Video Thumbnail Extraction

Programmatically extract thumbnails from input videos.

Automated Video Moderation

Automatically scan input videos for moderation criteria, such as nudity and not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content using our advanced Deep Learning APIs.

Metadata Extraction

Programmatically extract data from existing videos, including format, size, type.

New Document Conversion APIs Released
8/3/2020 - Juanzi Li

We are excited to announce the availability of a number of key new Document Conversion and Processing APIs as well as some key improvements.

New DOCX and PPTX Replace All APIs

We released new APIs to replace single or multiple strings in DOCX and PPTX files. This makes it very easy to use a DOCX or PPTX as a template, and fill in dynamic data through multiple string replacements.

New HTML Edit APIs

We released new HTML APIs to quickly and easily build HTML documents and reports. These documents can then be used together with our HTML to PDF, HTML to image, or HTML to DOCX APIs to build reports and images quickly and easily.

Improvements to HTML to PDF APIs

We enhanced our HTML to PDF APIs to support scale factor as a parameter, and the option to render background graphics.


We released new APIs that enable CSV to HTML, XLSX to HTML, and CSV to PDF.

File Processing Connector for PowerAutomate and Azure Logic Apps Released
8/1/2020 - Juanzi Li

We are excited to announce the availability of the Cloudmersive File Processing Connector for Microsoft Power Automate, Azure Logic Apps, and Microsoft PowerApps worldwide. This connector enables the processing of files at scale for a wide array of business use cases.

Zip File Processing

Create, compress, and extract zip files. Add encryption or decryption, and password protection.

Text Processing

Encode and decode text, process and parse text, and generate text output for reporting. Manage whitespace, line endings, find and replace and more.

We Are Hiring - Technical Writer
5/12/2020 - Juanzi Li

Are you passionate about building great technical documentation and articles for developers and businesses? Then this post is for you.

Come join our talented team of technical writers doing great work. We are excited to announce a new technical writer position at Cloudmersive. Apply today through our website.

COVID 19 Response
3/3/2020 - Juanzi Li

We are reaching out to update you on Cloudmersive's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are committed to keeping communication lines open and strong during this time of global uncertainty. We are committed to keeping the safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers our number one priority. We understand that many of our customers are experiencing great disruptions to their work and personal lives. We are here for you during this time of need.

Commitment to Continued Service

Cloudmersive's number one value is trust. Our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Teams have been carefully monitoring global changes as they occur to keep us informed and prepared. Our incredible teams of dedicated employees are working to ensure guaranteed continued service. We understand that you rely on us to help your business run, and we are committed to keeping you informed. At this time, we do not expect COVID-19 to affect the quality of your service. We will, of course, continue to keep you informed.

Cloudmersive Employee Safety

Our adaptive team members will continue to support you from the safety of their homes, while continuing to keep your security and service needs a top priority. Cloudmersive is committed to the safety of our employees and our communities. By keeping our employees home and suspending all business travel until further notice, we are doing our part to help flatten the curve.

Here to Support You

Cloudmersive remains committed to ensuring customer success. We understand that your needs may change as the world adapts to COVID-19. We are dedicated to maintaining customer success through the duration of this crisis. Our communication lines are open, and we welcome you to let us know if your needs change during this trying time.

Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to our support team. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

The Cloudmersive Team

We Are Hiring - Senior Software Engineer
1/15/2020 - Juanzi Li

Are you passionate about building amazing API products for leading businesses all the around the world? Then this message is for you.

We are excited to announce that we are hiring for a Senior Software Engineer position.

This position offers key perks such as remote working, and a high level of responsibility within Cloudmersive. Apply today through our website.

800 free API calls/month, with no expiration

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