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New API Offerings Added to Cloudmersive Mendix Connector
6/24/2021 - Laura Bouchard

In January, we shared details on our partnership with Mendix, a low-code platform that rapidly creates applications to serve business needs. Our offerings in the Cloudmersive Mendix Connector started out with some of our most popular APIs (virus scan, image recognition/processing, document conversion), and now we are pleased to announce that we have added a few new offerings to the portfolio! These new features are detailed below and can be accessed via the Virus Scan section of the connector.

Zip/Unzip Files

Zip and Unzip options have been added that will allow you to create a Zip file from uploaded documents or unzip an unencrypted Zip file with just the click of a button.

Encrypt/Decrypt ZIP Files

Within the Zip option, there is an ‘Encrypted Zip’ box you can check, which will prompt a password box to appear. Once your Zip file is created, you will be required to enter the password for access. On the flip side, we have also added a ‘Unzip Encrypted Zip’ option to the dashboard, which will allow you to automatically decrypt an encrypted Zip file.

URL Screenshot

Our last addition is a URL Screenshot feature that allows you to screenshot a URL prior to clicking on it; this will provide an additional layer of security against potentially harmful links.

See for Yourself:

If you would like a demonstration of these features, check out the short video we just released on our YouTube channel that will walk you through each of them:

How to Zip and Encrypt a File or Screenshot a URL in Mendix

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