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Announcing Azure Blob Storage Accounts for Cloudmersive Reverse Proxy Servers
12/20/2023 - Brian O'Neill

With the recent release of Cloudmersive Reverse Proxy v3.3.8, we’re excited to announce the addition of a brand-new feature!

Azure Blob Storage accounts can now function as the origin accounts for Cloudmersive Reverse Proxy Servers.

This will allow customers to serve their Azure Blob Storage containers through their Cloudmersive Reverse Proxy server, with access controlled via SAS token.

That’s not all, either. With this release, we’ve included several new Cloudmersive Reverse Proxy Server policies and one update to an existing policy. These including the following:

  1. Customers can now block specific HTTP request methods through an HTTP Request Method Policy.
  2. Customers can now block specific HTTP response codes returning from the origin server using an HTTP Response Code Policy.
  3. The existing URL Replace policy has been updated to include Match Mode setting, which allows customers to choose between substring match and exact match.

For more information on new Cloudmersive Reverse Proxy features & updates, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our team.

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