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The Cloudmersive APIs are a set of products and services built, maintained and operated by Cloudmersive, a United States technology company aiming to build a wide array of reliable and useful programming interfaces (APIs). Cloudmersive, LLC is located in the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States, with primary data centers in North America, the European Union, Asia Pacific and other regions, and Private Cloud deployments are also available. Learn more about Cloudmersive and our customers. Our account specialist team would be happy to work with you - get in touch today or give our customer team a call at 1-415-234-7421.

At Cloudmersive, we take security and privacy very seriously. See our security page for details on Encryption, Authentication, Physical Security, Networking, Stateless Services, and Deployment Regions. See our Privacy Policy for information on how we protect your data and privacy. For GDPRA DPA questions, please see our DPA, subprocessors documentation or contact us to schedule a consultation.

One of the great things about Cloudmersive is that one account / API key can access all of the APIs in our expanding portfolio in a universal manner, including Document Conversion and Procesing, Data Validation, Virus Scanning, Natural Language Processing, OCR, Image Recognition, Barcodes and more. Each time you make a call to an API it will use up an API call. In some cases, APIs will orchestrate multiple calls for you on the backend (e.g. when you OCR a multi-page PDF file). You can always see your current utilization in the account administration portal. You can then purchase plans that includes monthly API call capacity.

Free tier plans are limited to one simultaneous request at a time. Premium Plans do not limit the number of concurrent API calls, but API calls that exceed the amount included will queue for execution. To gain additional simultaneous throughput, you will want to choose the appropriate plan size. Unlimited plans are available.

You can create a free tier key to try the service, or purchase a Premium API Key for production use, and to gain greater scale and reliability.

The free tier is for trying out the service. It includes limits on the number of API requests per month, and has lower availability. For production use cases, the Premium subscriptions include significantly higher availability, API call volumes, scalability, advanced functionality and prioritized technical support.

Yes, we fully support deployment of Cloudmersive APIs on-premises and in Azure, AWS and GCP (and other clouds) through Cloudmersive Private Cloud. Cloudmersive Private Cloud can be deployed in High Availability cluster configurations, as well as with Disaster Recovery. Cloudmersive Private Cloud supports advanced and custom security configurations, including mutual TLS (mTLS), client certificate authentication, and more. Contact us for a demo and consultation.

Cloudmersive takes privacy and trust very seriously as our #1 value and priority. Cloudmersive APIs are protected with multiple layers of security protection, including encryption in transit, stateless processing and more, you can learn more on our Security page. Cloudmersive APIs are stateless, they do not store or retain payload data or copies after the transaction completes. Our in-memory processing completes your transactions and then returns the result back to you without retaining data payload information. You can learn more in the Cloudmersive Privacy Policy, in the Cloudmersive Data Processing Agreement (DPA), and in the subprocessors documentation. For highly sensitive or regulated workloads, Cloudmersive also provides Cloudmersive Private Cloud, where you can deploy Cloudmersive in your own data center or on your own Cloud infrastructure.

Yes, we support Data Center Regions all around the world, including North America, European Union, and Asia Pacific, learn more on our data center regions page. We also support Private Cloud/deployment in your own data center as well.

To test the API and learn about the product, you can create a free plan. For production use and greater scale, availability, support, and monitoring, start with one of the introductory premium plans starting at just $19.99/month and you can always grow from there. If you need help, contact us and we will be happy to work with you to size your plan and even build out a custom plan for your business requirements if needed.

For the premium plan APIs we include extensive monitoring 24x7 and a focus on availability. Our current uptime for Premium plan APIs is at approximately 99.99% or better. You can track current service status on our status page. For detailed uptime reports please feel free to contact us.

Yes! We would love to hear more about your needs. Please contact us and we will work to setup a call to discuss your needs.

Yes! We do take purchase orders. Please contact our team and we will work with you to process your purchase order and answer any questions that you may have.

Yes! We do work with resellers. Learn more on our reseller page or contact our partnerships team.

Yes! We do offer partnerships for ISVs, OEMs and other partnerships. Please contact our partnerships team and we can discuss your partnership needs to build a customized approach.

Payments can be made with cards from VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB payment networks. Yes, we do support international cards and payments! Our payments are securely processed by Stripe. Currently, we do not operate in some countries, including: Cuba, Iran, Liberia, Lebanon, Burma, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Eritrea, Venezuela, Region of Crimea. Please contact us if you do have more questions.

Yes! We do offer partnerships opportunities for Independent Service Vendors (ISVs). Please contact our partnerships team and we will work with you to meet your needs.

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