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At Cloudmersive, we believe that There is an API for that. As businesses and developers address difficult challenges daily, they need an arsenal of APIs to accelerate their projects and time to value. Founded in 2017 by experienced engineers, product and business people from Silicon Valley, Cloudmersive now has a wide array of customers who trust our growing portfolio of advanced APIs to help run their businesses.

Cloudmersive brings its customers a complete portfolio of APIs across Virus Scanning, Document Conversion and Processing, Deep Learning OCR, Image Recognition and Processing, Natural Language Processing, Barcode Processing and any other key areas. Core to our value is that our customers can take advantage of all of these APIs with one plan and pricing model, and get end-to-end support and services.

Customers can also deploy via our hosted Cloud instance, our private tenant cloud, or even our fully private-cloud model which allows for deployment on-premise and in Azure, AWS and GCP. This flexibility and native multi-cloud approach is powerful because it enables customers to deploy in the way that works best for them.

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Cloudmersive APIs power over 1,000 of the world's smartest businesses, including:


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"Cloudmersive has become our strategic partner in full life cycle document processing, from create and capture, to OCR, to virus and sensitive content scanning, to report generation. This has really taken our business results to the next level, reducing costs and streamlining our systems. We have also really appreciated top-notch support."

-J. Li, Pyriform Group

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