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Optimize QR Barcode Scanning with Deep Learning AI
6/12/2024 - Brian O'Neill

QR codes blurry and clear

We’re excited to announce a brand-new addition to the Cloudmersive Barcode API!

The Advanced QR Barcode Scanning API is optimized to recognize low resolution or blurry QR barcode images using deep learning artificial intelligence.

This API supports JPG, PNG, and PDF image formats, and it’s capable of processing more than one QR barcode image in a single operation.

Effects of Low-Quality Barcode Images

Low-quality QR barcode images can significantly hamper the efficacy of QR barcode scanning applications. Common image processing operations such as image compression, image scaling, and image format conversion can all contribute to low-quality and unreadable QR barcode images.

Each module of a QR barcode represents an important piece of the original encoded text data (e.g., an encoded URL). If any of those modules are left pixelated or distorted, they may fail to represent the original encoded text contents.

Additionally, like most barcode images, QR barcodes rely heavily on a clear distinction between black and white areas in the barcode image. In a blurry barcode image, boundaries between the black and white areas of a QR barcode can become difficult to distinguish, making it impossible for line detections to occur accurately in the barcode reading process.

The Advanced QR Barcode Scanning API automatically corrects blurry or low resolution QR barcode images to accurately read and extract encoded text.

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