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New Export Feature Added to API Analytics
6/10/2021 - Laura Bouchard

Our API Analytics function, which allows you to monitor API usage for each of your API keys via audit log, just got even better with the addition of an export feature. This new feature will export your usage data to an Excel document, which can provide organized and valuable insight on which APIs you or your business are utilizing the most.

Step 1 – Access API Analytics

To access API Analytics, simply head to your Cloudmersive Management Portal and select the API Analytics function.

Step 2 – View & Export Logs

Once you reach the API Analytics page, you will encounter a few drop-down menus. Here, you will select the API key, API type (i.e. Document and Conversion API, OCR API, etc.), and the maximum number of results you wish to view. Now, before you click the ‘View Logs’ button, you can check the ‘Enable Export’ box to generate an Excel report of the results.

Step 3 – Download Results

At the top of the Data section, there will be a Download Excel link with an arrow next to it; to download your results, simply click on the link and open the newly generated Excel file.

That’s it for this week, but be sure to check back in with us soon as we share more featured APIs and new services in the coming weeks.

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