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Virus Scanning Reverse Proxy Server Now Available for Debian 10 Linux
6/17/2021 - Laura Bouchard

We are excited to announce that our Virus Scanning Reverse Proxy Server is now available for Debian 10 Linux! This installation option is in addition to the Windows 2016 server and will improve the accessibility of the Reverse Proxy Server for more users. In case you need a reminder, our Reverse Proxy service is a no-code solution that can be integrated into your web application to automatically scan files for viruses before they reach your server. Now, we will take a quick look at what you need for the Debian 10 Linux installation.

Installation Pre-requisites

Debian 10 with a graphical user interface (GUI) enabled is required, and you should be sure to run the latest software updates prior to initiating the installation.

Hardware Provisioning

You will need to provision the hardware or virtual machines and the associated infrastructure. For single-node operation, a single server is required; for high-availability, a minimum of two nodes is required.

Performing the Installation

To perform the installation, simply navigate to the Cloudmersive Management portal, log in, and click on Private Cloud Deployment. To install a node in the cluster, you will select the corresponding node, then click on Debian 10 Linux and follow the instructions for your environment.

Outbound Network Connectivity

Some outbound network connectivity from your Linux Server to Cloudmersive services is required; refer to the instructions to whitelist or allow the outbound network connectivity where appropriate.

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