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New Document Conversion APIs Released
8/3/2020 - Juanzi Li

We are excited to announce the availability of a number of key new Document Conversion and Processing APIs as well as some key improvements.

New DOCX and PPTX Replace All APIs

We released new APIs to replace single or multiple strings in DOCX and PPTX files. This makes it very easy to use a DOCX or PPTX as a template, and fill in dynamic data through multiple string replacements.

New HTML Edit APIs

We released new HTML APIs to quickly and easily build HTML documents and reports. These documents can then be used together with our HTML to PDF, HTML to image, or HTML to DOCX APIs to build reports and images quickly and easily.

Improvements to HTML to PDF APIs

We enhanced our HTML to PDF APIs to support scale factor as a parameter, and the option to render background graphics.


We released new APIs that enable CSV to HTML, XLSX to HTML, and CSV to PDF.

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