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Scan Files for Virus and Malware Threats with Low-Code and No-Code Solutions
8/7/2023 - Brian O'Neill

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As file sharing and file storage continue to grow at unprecedented rates, one thing is for certain: cyberattacks are growing right alongside them. As a result, redundancy is a critical consideration in modern security architecture, and it can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

The Cloudmersive Virus Scan API can be utilized to incorporate security redundancy in myriad workflows via no-code and low-code solutions. Check out some of our existing video documentation for tips and demonstrations spanning Nintex, Power Automate/Logic Apps, Azure Blob, AWS S3, Node.js & PHP.

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How to Scan OneDrive Files for Viruses in Nintex

How to Scan Image Files for Viruses and Malware in Power Automate

How to Scan a File for Viruses, Malware, and Non-Malware Content Threats in Power Automate

How to Create a Custom Cloudmersive Advanced Virus Scan Connector in Power Automate

How to Scan SharePoint List Item Attachments for Viruses in Power Automate

How to Scan AWS S3 Files for Viruses

How to Scan an Azure Blob for Viruses

How to Virus Scan and Quarantine a File in Power Automate and Logic Apps

How to Scan a Website or URL for Viruses in Power Automate and Logic Apps

How to Scan Files for Viruses in Node.js

How to Scan New Files for Viruses in Azure Blob using Azure Logic Apps

How to Virus Scan File Uploads in Mendix

How to Create a Virus Scan Wrapper API in Logic Apps and Power Automate

How to Perform a Virus Scan Upload in PHP

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