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New Convert API to Transform your DOCX Tables
8/12/2021 - Laura Bouchard

Convert Fill DOCX Table API

One of our company’s most important goals is to create new and innovative solutions to make your job easier. We know how difficult it can be to edit an online document, so we have several APIs available in our library that can assist you with the undertaking. Today, we are pleased to share that we have added a new Convert API to our offerings that can be used to transform your Word DOCX files by instantly filling in tables with data.

Obtain an Editing URL

Before you can use this new API, you will need to open up the process and obtain an editing URL by using the Begin Editing API function, which can be found in the Convert API library. To ensure the security of your information, the URL is stored in-memory cache and expires after 30 minutes.

Filling the Table with Data

Once you have the editing URL, you are ready to call the Table Fill In function. This easy process will allow you to replace placeholder rows in a table in a DOCX file using one or more templates. For the input request, you will need the following information: File URL, File Data, Table Start Tag, Table End Tag, Data to Fill in, Cells, Target Tag (string), and Replacement Value (string).

Downloading the Result

Once you have completed the editing of your Word document, you can use the Finish Editing API function to close out processing and download the updated result.

Each of these APIs, including the new, featured API, are available for testing and use in a variety of programming languages in our API Console.

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