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Upgrade Security with our New IP Address and Domain Name APIs
10/5/2020 - Katherine Coyle

The security of your organization and your clients’ information is always at the forefront of our innovations. Thus, we are pleased to announce our newest IP Address and Domain Name APIs. These updates are all based around increasing your organization’s online security and protecting you from any known or unknown threats. Go check out our API Console where these functions are now up and available.

Scan for Known IP Address Threats

Boost your site’s security by allowing our IP Threat Detection API to scan any incoming IP Addresses for known botnets, bad IPs, compromised servers, and other lists of threats.

Tor Exit Node Server Detection

This function can detect if an input IP Address is a Tor exit node server. This will let you know if, and when, a user’s IP address is hidden behind a privacy wall.

Return Domain Name Quality Score

This new Domain Name API can be used to check the quality of a domain name. These scores indicate the authority of a domain name, with high scores equating to more trustworthy sites.

Keep checking back here as we continue to add to and improve our library of APIs. If you’d like to learn more, contact our expert team, who are always happy to help.

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