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Troubleshooting Unable to start Docker HNS failed with error
4/24/2022 - Cloudmersive Support

Under some rare circumstances, Docker can encounter errors of the form:

Unable to start Docker HNS failed with error

When this occurs, follow these steps to restore Docker there are two ways to potentially address it:

Option 1

  1. Stop the Docker Engine service by going to Services and stopping the service
  2. Run the following PowerShell command from an administrator PowerShell:
Get-ContainerNetwork | Remove-ContainerNetwork
  1. Start the Docker Engine service from the Services manager
  2. Perform the Cloudmersive Private Cloud Restart command by navigating to the Cloudmersive Management Portal > Private Cloud, selecting your Private Cloud node, and copying the Restart command and pasting it into an Administrator PowerShell terminal

Option 2

Run this command:

docker ps -a

You will see a list of containers. Now run this command, replacing containerid with the CONTAINER ID from the output of the previous command:

docker rm containerid

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