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Single Sign On with Microsoft Azure Active Directory
6/14/2022 - Cloudmersive Support

For Azure Active Directory single sign on to Cloudmersive does not require SAML integration; instead it leverages hosted sign in from Microsoft and the Sign In with Microsoft button on the Cloudmersive website.


For Azure Active Directory identity, simply navigate to the Cloudmersive login page and click on Sign in with Microsoft. This will redirect to the Microsoft authentication page. Enter your email address. This will then redirect you to the organization’s login page (or custom login page). Complete your login. Finally, the browser will redirect back to the Microsoft main login page, and then finally back to Cloudmersive. Your Single Sign On identity will then appear in the Cloudmersive portal.


This will create an identity for your Cloudmersive account but it will not establish permissions. The next step will be for your Cloudmersive Administrator to create an organization and then invite your account's email address to that organization. Once sent, you can accept the organization invite. Once accepted, you will have both the ability to authenticate and the permissions to the relevant resources in your Cloudmersive organization with the permissions granted during the invite process.

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