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Removing Users from an Organization
11/23/2021 - Cloudmersive Support

Once an Organization has been created, you can share organizational assets among multiple authenticated users. As part of the user lifecycle, you can remove users from an organization.

Removing a user from an organization will cause them to lose access to all of the assets in the organization. Any user can be removed from the organization except the Master Administrator (note that Child Administrators can be removed). Also note that if a Child Administrator removes themself from an organization, they will no longer be able to manage this organization. If an organization user is removed by accident, that user can be re-invited by a remaining child administrator or master administrator

How to Remove a User

To remove a user, navigate to the Cloudmersive Management Portal and click on Access Management. Be sure you are logged in as a Child Administrator or Master Administrator for the organization in question. Click on the organization and then click on Remove User... next to the user you wish to remove. Then, click on Remove User to confirm the removal. Once completed, this user will no longer be part of this organization and will lose all access to assets from this organization. Note that this user will still be able to log into the Cloudmersive Management Portal but will have no access to this organization or its assets.

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