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How to Scan Existing Azure Blobs in an Azure Blob Storage Container using Cloudmersive Storage Protection
5/13/2023 - Cloudmersive Support

To scan existing Azure Blob objects in an Azure Blob Storage container using Cloudmersive Storage Protection, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Cloudmersive Management Portal

  2. Click on Storage Protection

  3. Click on Manage next to the relevant Cloud Storage Connection

  4. Click on Start Ad Hoc Scanning Job

  5. In the subsequent screen click on Start Ad Hoc Scanning Job to confirm creation of the job. This scanning job will run in the background for some time.

  6. You can track the status of your scanning job from the section Ad Hoc Scanning Job. It will show as STARTED. Once completed, this will update to show COMPLETED.

This will apply all of your active storage scanning policies to all blobs present in the Azure Blob Storage instance. This will be done recursively, and will apply to folders and subfolders recursively.

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