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Configuring Cloudflare for Cloudmersive Reverse Proxy with a CNAME Record for Disaster Recovery
8/28/2023 - Cloudmersive Support

To take advantage of Cloudmersive Managed Instance Active/Active Disaster Recovery for Reverse Proxy Server, you will need to utilize a CNAME from Cloudflare. This ensures that if the origin IP changes due to a DR scenario that the proxy will now send the traffic to the new DR failover IP automatically.

  • Log in to your Cloudflare account.

  • Select the domain you want to set up.

  • Navigate to the DNS section.

  • Delete any existing A or AAAA records that point to your origin server's IP address, if they exist.

  • Add a CNAME record:

Name: The subdomain you wish to use (e.g., www or @ for the root domain)
Domain Name: The DNS name of your origin server (e.g., or
TTL: Typically Auto
Proxy status: Make sure it's set to Proxied (this will make sure traffic goes through Cloudflare's network, benefiting from its security and performance features)
Make sure your origin server accepts the incoming request: If you're using a setup that verifies the host header (like many shared hosting setups), ensure the origin server is configured to accept requests for your Cloudflare domain name.

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