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Cloudmersive Reverse Proxy and Cloudflare Host Header Rewrite
4/27/2022 - Cloudmersive Support

When using Cloudmersive Reverse Proxy with Cloudflare CDN in front of the proxy, you will want to typically enable host header rewrite.

This allows Cloudflare to change the domain name of the request from to This eliminates the need to install a custom SSL certificate on your Cloudmersive Reverse Proxy Managed Instance.

Configuring Host Header Rewrite in Cloudflare

To rewrite the Host Header:

  1. Go to Rules > Page Rules and create a new Page Rule.

  2. Specify the URL to match.

  3. In Pick a Setting, select Host Header Override. Then, enter the override value. This will be the host name of your Cloudmersive Managed Instance, e.g.

  4. Click Save and Deploy.

Now, any request matching the URL you specified will have the host header overridden to the one you entered in the Host Header Override text box.

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