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Cloudmersive Reverse Proxy and Cloudflare Best Practices
5/1/2023 - Cloudmersive Support

To use Cloudmersive Reverse Proxy server with Cloudflare, follow these best practices to configure the Cust Hostname parameter for communication between Cloudflare and the Cloudmersive Reverse Proxy Server.

To configure Cloudflare to use a different host name for the upstream server, you have to set up a Custom Hostname. Here are the steps to do so:

Login to the Cloudflare dashboard.

Select the domain for which you want to configure the upstream server hostname.

On the dashboard, go to the "SSL/TLS" section.

In the "SSL/TLS" section, go to "Custom Hostnames".

Click on "Add Custom Hostname". A new window will appear where you can configure the custom hostname.

Type in the hostname for the upstream server you want to use in the "Hostname" field. This will be your Cloudmersive Reverse Proxy Server host name. You can get this from the Cloudmersive Management Portal by clicking on Managed Instances.

In the "Origin Server" field, enter the address of the upstream server.

In the SSL section, choose the SSL mode. The options are "Off", "Flexible", "Full", and "Full (strict)". We recommend Full (strict).

After filling in all the necessary information, click on "Add" to save the custom hostname settings.

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