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Cloudmersive Private Cloud LogRhythm Log Management Integration
9/1/2022 - Cloudmersive Support

Cloudmersive Private Cloud logs are available through IIS logs. To send these logs to LogRhythm, follow these steps:

  1. Create a host record for the system.

  2. Click the System Monitors tab.
    Install and configure System Monitors on the host.

  3. Add a log message source to the host's System Monitor Agent. For more information, see Add a Single Log Source.

  4. Click the Log Sources tab.
    In the lower grid, double-click the log source.

  5. In the Log Message Source Type properties field, select the correct type of IIS log to be collected from the device.

  6. In the Log Message Processing Engine (MPE) Policy field, select LogRhythm Default.

  7. On the Flat File Settings tab, specify the File Path to the location of the log files and select the correct Date Parsing Format for the log type.
    To save the settings and close the window, click OK.

  8. The agent updates automatically and begins log collection. No restart of the scsm service is required.

Once complete, log into LogRhythm and review the new logs collected as API calls are made.

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