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Apigee API Management for Cloudmersive
4/24/2022 - Cloudmersive Support

When deploying Cloudmersive Private Cloud or Cloudmersive Managed Instance, you can leverage Apigee API Management to manage the API. All Cloudmersive APIs have available Open API v2 (Swagger 2.0) API specifications, making this very easy to configure.

You can then use Apigee API Management for:

  • API key management
  • API catalog / API discovery
  • Rate limiting and policy application
  • Authentication and security

To setup your Cloudmersive API in Apigee, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Acquire the OpenAPI v2 API specifications; you can do this from the following documentation page. Listed are the URLs for all of the Cloudmersive Open API specifications; for example, you can open the API Specification for the Virus Scan API and save it to your desktop.
  1. Change the endpoint in the OpenAPI specification from “” to the URL of your private cloud or Managed Instance, e.g. “”.
  2. Setup a new Apigee instance and configure the API endpoint as well as the API specification.
  3. Apply a policy to set the header “Apikey” and set the value to a shared Private Cloud API Key from the Cloudmersive Management Portal > API Keys

From here, you can apply additional policies for rate limiting, you can setup API Key management and authentication.

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