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Now Introducing: The Security Threat Detection API
7/29/2021 - Laura Bouchard

Security Threat Detection

The threats that we encounter in cyber space are constantly growing and changing; it seems that as soon as we protect ourselves from one type of attack, another new or customized attack emerges. Here at Cloudmersive, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality and up-to-date security coverage to keep you ahead of the curve in the current, dynamic environment. As part of this commitment, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Security Threat Detection API and Insecure Deserialization JSON API. Both APIs are detailed below and are available in the newly added Security API section of our API Console, which features several of our currently existing security APIs as well.

Security Threat Detection API

This new API takes several types of threat detection and combines them into one, convenient package. Using Cloudmersive Intelligent Threat Detection, you can automatically scan any input string for a wide range of threats including Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection (SQLI), XML External Entities (XXE), Server-Side Request Forgeries (SSRF), and JSON Insecure Deserialization (JID).

JSON Insecure Deserialization (JID) API

JSON Insecure deserialization is yet another type of cyber attack that is becoming prominent across the web. The threat involves the passing of manipulated objects through a web application that eventually results in control of the application. If the attack is successful, it can lead to denial of service, malicious code execution, and more. To protect against this vulnerability, the JID API will instantly detect these type of attacks from text input.

For more information on these and our other security APIs, check out our Security Threat Detection API page.

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