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Cloudmersive Meets Mendix: A New and Exciting Partnership
1/14/2021 - Laura Bouchard

We are pleased to share that the Cloudmersive API Suite is now available on Mendix, a low-code platform that rapidly creates applications to serve business needs. Implementation and sign-up for a free account can be done in just five minutes; once complete, you will have access to all the Cloudmersive APIs with one plan/pricing model and end-to-end support and services.

How It Works

The Cloudmersive Mendix Connector takes some of our most popular APIs and uses visual development tools to enable quick results with minimal manual coding.

Key Features

  • Scan files for viruses, generate PDF/Word files, convert documents, resize/manipulate images
  • Seamless integration in your project with reusable components
  • Example workflows and use cases to enable smart automation of your app
  • Easily extendable new features

Current Offerings

  • Virus scan
  • Image recognition/processing
  • Generation of Word Docs/PDFs based on templates
  • Content moderation for images and files with not-safe-for-work content

Future Offerings

  • Document & Data Conversion – automated file conversion for all popular file formats
  • Receipt scanning and business data extraction from photos
  • Malware scan for website URLs
  • Convert/encode/transcode videos
  • Speech-to-text

Superior Security

When using the Cloudmersive Mendix Connector, you will receive the same top-notch security that you would when using our APIs as a stand-alone. Payload data is not stored or retained after each transaction is completed, which provides you with optimal security, privacy, and performance. For more information, check out our Cloudmersive Security page.

800 free API calls/month, with no expiration

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