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API Spotlight: Simple Barcode Generation for your Business
8/19/2021 - Laura Bouchard

API Spotlight - Barcode APIs

Barcodes are used by businesses all over the world to aid in tracking, purchasing, inventory, and more. By leveraging these codes, organizations can keep accurate records of their products, supplies and inventory that are essential to operations. This week we will be shining our API spotlight on a few of our Barcode APIs that can assist in improving the overall experience from both a user and business standpoint.

UPC-A Barcode API 

The first function we will discuss is the full email address validation API. Email is one of the most universal communication tools across the world, which also means it is one of the most popular targets for attacks. This API allows you to check for syntactic correctness, identify the mail server, and contact the server to validate the existence of the account without sending any emails.

EAN-13 Barcode API 

Next up is our full URL validation API; similar to the previous function, this validation API will perform a full, in-depth validation of its target input, which in this case is a URL address. By checking if the input URL is syntactically valid, whether it exists, and whether the endpoints pass virus scan checks, you can ensure each URL you interact with is free from threats.

QR Barcode API

Our last featured API is the IP Intelligence API. This is a multi-use function that will not only scan a single IP address against a database of known threat IPs, bots, and Tor exit nodes, but will also provide the physical location of the address.

We will be sharing API spotlights and new features over the coming weeks, so be sure to check back in with us soon.

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