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API Spotlight: Merge Your Office Documents with Ease
12/5/2022 - Brian O'Neill

Overhead View of Documents

Merging content of the same file type is, at minimum, a simple way to consolidate your documents into a single file and share them more conveniently via email (or any online exchange). From a more specific, practical standpoint, it’s an important step in piecing together larger memos, presentations, and reports for which business materials may have accumulated separately over time.

Available via the Cloudmersive Convert API endpoint, our Merge Document API iterations make it easy to programmatically combine either two or multiple (more than two) documents of a common file type into a single, comprehensive file. There are fourteen Merge Document API iterations in total; below, we’ll take a closer look at a few of the most frequently used services among those.

Merge PDF Files

Combining PDF files is a common need for office admins and content professionals everywhere. The reason for that is, in large part, because PDF is a standard destination format (easy for anyone to open & view on any platform) for documents originally created in less “friendly” applications, such as DOCX, Excel, and PowerPoint. Merging PDF files is a great way to assemble multidimensional content of almost any kind, including reports, presentations, image arrays, and more. Electing to use our “Merge Two PDFs” or “Merge Multiple PDFs” APIs will allow you to quickly combine between two and ten PDF files (respectively) at once.

Merge Excel Files

Merging Excel files together entails the creation of a single, new spreadsheet containing a proportionate number of separate worksheets within it. Combining spreadsheets in this manner is a highly efficient way to handle commonly occurring scenarios, such as when multiple related datasets are received and stored independently of each other over a period of time. The key value here is organization; it’s easy for high volumes of spreadsheets to clutter your file storage and create costly information gaps. You can merge up to ten Excel files at once using the “Merge Multiple Excel Files” API, or you can limit your operation to only two files using the “Merge Two Excel Files” API.

Merge HTML Files

Combining HTML documents is a slightly different operation than the prior two services highlighted in this post. In this case, order isn’t the only thing that matters; rather than generating a new file with multiple separate pages, this operation will stack the HTML code from each input document below the contents of the input preceding it. The result is a crucial conservation of whitespace, which is important to ensure your HTML file displays its contents correctly when opened in a web browser view. You can combine up to ten HTML documents using the “Merge Multiple HTML Files” API iteration, or you can use the “Merge Two HTML Files” API to consolidate only two.

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