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API Spotlight: IP Intelligence APIs
4/27/2023 - Brian O'Neill

With access to consistent, accurate IP intelligence services, we can protect our applications from external threats while simultaneously improving our users’ experience through regional personalization.

Thankfully, Cloudmersive IP Intelligence APIs make it easy to accomplish all the above with minimal code. Below, we’ll take a closer look at a few of our IP intelligence APIs which are oriented around IP threat detection and retrieval of geolocational data.

Get Intelligence on an IP Address

To investigate an IP address for potential threats, the first thing we should do is reference that address against a list of known-threat IPs. Our “Get Intelligence on an IP Address” API performs that check right away, ensuring the input IP address isn’t associated with any malicious activity (such as malware, phishing scams, etc.) and can’t be traced to any bots (such as those deployed for DDoS attacks). It also identifies if an IP address is a Tor Exit Node, which – while not necessarily indicating an imminent threat to our system – can still be associated with suspicious activity and should be monitored accordingly.

In addition to checking for threats, this API retrieves as much geolocational information about an input IP address as can be found, including its associated country code, country name, city, latitude & longitude coordinates, and more. Useful information such as the currency code & currency name associated with the IP address’ region are also retrieved, making it easy to customize the way financial information (such as price information, for example) is displayed to users from different regions around the world.

Geolocate an IP Address

This API allows us to limit our IP check to ONLY return geolocational information. The underlying service retrieves the same array of locational data as the “Get Intelligence” API – complete with country code, country name, region code, region name, zip code, time zone (standard name), and latitude & longitude coordinates. This service is particularly beneficial for UX applications, as it can help personalize each individual user’s experience.

Geolocate an IP Address to a Street Address

While latitude and longitude coordinates allow us to plot locational data on a global map, street address data gives us a more specific understanding of where an IP address originates from (i.e., is that address a commercial or residential building? Is it active and functioning or empty and abandoned?). Calling our “Geolocate an IP Address” API returns the country code, country name, street address (string), city, region name and zip code associated with any given IP address.

For more information on our IP Intelligence APIs, please feel free to contact a member of our sales team.

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