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API Spotlight: Edit PDFs to Fit Your Needs
5/27/2021 - Laura Bouchard

When you think of conversion APIs, you generally think of converting a document from one format to another, such as CSV to XLSX or DOCX to PDF. However, in today’s blog post, I’d like to shine the spotlight on a couple of our popular PDF conversion APIs that allow you to edit a PDF document to (literally) fit your needs.

Reduce PDF File Size API

Our first featured API reduces PDF file size by digitally compressing and optimizing its contents. This can be particularly helpful when sharing large documents such as contracts or manuals via email.

Resize PDF API

While the previous API focuses on changing the file size of a PDF, this API focuses on altering the actual paper size. This function will allow you to instantly adjust the paper size of a PDF document to meet the requirements of any project. The paper sizes run from A7 (the smallest) to A0 (the largest); for reference, the standard letter size is A4.

As a reminder, these conversion APIs can be used in over a dozen programming languages, as well as no-code/low-code connectors such as Power Automate and Logic Apps. To test them out, simply head over to the Convert API section of our API Console.

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