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API Spotlight: Data Conversion APIs
12/12/2022 - Brian O'Neill

When we get our data from external sources, we can’t always guarantee our new dataset will be in the format we need. As a result, converting between common data formats is often a crucial step in the process of obtaining new data, and thankfully, our Data Conversion APIs – available via the Cloudmersive Convert API Endpoint – make that process easy. Among these API iterations are readily available services for converting to and from JSON, XML, CSV, XLSX and more. Below, we’ll quickly take a closer look at a few of our most frequently used Data Conversion APIs.

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Convert XML to JSON | Convert JSON to XML

Both XML and JSON are incredibly ubiquitous text data formats used widely among the global software development community. While the overall simplicity and relatively small size of JSON files has made JSON a more attractive format to many developers in recent years, XML still presents a more flexible, powerful structure overall, and the debate as to which format is better rages on between their respective advocates. No matter which format you’re looking to convert to or from, we have you covered.

The Convert XML to JSON API will accept either an XML string or file as input, returning a JSON Object as output. Two additional APIs – Convert JSON Object to XML and Convert JSON String to XML – will handle JSON Object and JSON String conversions to XML respectively.

Convert XLSX to JSON | Convert XLSX to XML

Reportedly, there are an astonishing 1.2 billion people using Microsoft’s various Office productivity services worldwide, and Excel is likely the most popular tool among those. With that in mind, it’s safe to say XLSX – Excel’s unique zip-archived Open Office XML format, first introduced for Excel 2007 – is one of the most frequently used formats on earth. While it’s simple enough to point-and-click-export individual XLSX files to common data formats like XML and JSON, larger scale conversions instead require more powerful, programmatic solutions to get the job done.

Our Convert XLSX to JSON and Convert XLSX to XML APIs will both accept a standard XLSX file input, returning a JSON Object Array & XML file string respectively as output.

Convert CSV to JSON | Convert CSV to XML

When it comes to storing flat, tabular data, CSV is one of the best options around; it’s typically only when our data relationships become more complex or nested that we require more robust formats, like JSON and XML, to do the job. Developers frequently need to convert from CSV to the latter two formats at scale, and our Convert CSV to JSON and Convert CSV to XML APIs are up to the task.

Both API iterations accept a CSV file as input, returning a JSON Object Array and an XML file respectively as output. Additionally, both offer an optional input request parameter – columnNamesFromFirstRow – which allows you to specify whether the first row of your CSV file should (True) or should not (False) be used for your columns.

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