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API Preview: Cloudmersive Phishing API Coming Soon
3/15/2024 - Brian O'Neill

We’re excited to announce that a brand-new product will soon be joining our portfolio of powerful cybersecurity APIs.

The Cloudmersive Phishing API – currently in alpha – is designed to make identifying and blocking phishing URL threats a breeze.

phish hook

Basic vs. Advanced Phishing API Capabilities

Two versions of the Phishing API will be available upon launch: a basic version, and an advanced version. These versions will differ in the scope of their phishing threat detection capabilities.

Basic Phishing API Lookups

The basic Phishing API will perform rigorous phishing URL lookups, referencing a continuously updated database of URLs, hosts, and domains to flag known phishing threats.

Advanced Phishing API Lookups

The advanced Phishing API will build upon the basic URL lookup service, bringing several unique phishing threat detection capabilities to the table. Some of these unique capabilities will be powered by Cloudmersive domain and URL validation APIs (available under the Cloudmersive Validate API umbrella).

Advanced scans will check URLs for suspicious formatting abnormalities (e.g., Unicode characters disguised as Latin characters) and investigate if URLs are hidden redirection links. In the event redirection links are discovered, the advanced Phishing API will check the host and domain of the final URL redirect to fully diagnose the phishing threat.

An option to allow or block specific domains will also be available in the advanced Phishing API’s request parameters.

Batch Phishing API Request Capabilities

Both the basic and advanced versions of the Phishing API will have batch request API iterations available to facilitate processing more than one suspicious URL per request. Batch API calls will compartmentalize each input URL with its own nested threat assessment object in the API response.

Learn More about the Cloudmersive Phishing API

Interested in learning more about the Cloudmersive Phishing API? Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales team with any questions you might have.

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