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What is Cloudmersive Managed Instance Deployment?
11/1/2023 - Brian O'Neill

Where and how Cloudmersive Virus Scan products are deployed depends entirely on the specific needs of each individual customer. In a Managed Instance Deployment, products are deployed and managed by Cloudmersive for the customer through one of several infrastructure options.

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Managed Instance Deployment effectively offers a turnkey, Software-as-a-Service experience for customers. This solution is designed to be extremely scalable, licensed per core per year with no pre-set limits. Additionally, each Managed Instance Deployment can be fully customized across environment, region, network, and security model.

There are three high-level types of Managed Instance Deployments that customers can choose from. These include the following:

Cloudmersive Data Center Deployment

In this deployment option, the product is deployed on Cloudmersive’s own internal data centers. There are a variety of different Cloudmersive data center regions customers can choose from across the globe, ranging from the USA’s west coast to eastern Australia.

Cloudmersive Azure, AWS or GCP Tenant

In this deployment option, Cloudmersive fully deploys and manages the customer's solution on Cloudmersive AWS, Azure or GCP tenants.

Customer Azure, AWS or GCP Tenant

In this deployment option, Cloudmersive deploys the solution on a customer-hosted Azure, AWS or GCP tenant. When product updates roll out, they are applied to customer-hosted tenants by the Cloudmersive team during customer-specified maintenance windows. During those maintenance windows, the Cloudmersive team gets access to the system through a gated & audited mechanism.

For more information on Cloudmersive Managed Instance Deployments, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our sales team.

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