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How Can I Safely Test Cloudmersive Virus Scan API Functionality?
7/14/2023 - Brian O'Neill

Below, we’ve provided several recommendations for safely and effectively testing Basic and Advanced Virus Scan API functionality in your environment.

Triggering CleanResult: True Responses for Basic and Advanced Scans

To trigger CleanResult: True responses from either Basic or Advanced Virus Scan API requests, we recommend that you use a selection of regular documents which represent your specific use case. For example, if your use case involves .DOCX and .PDF file uploads, we recommend scanning sample .DOCX and .PDF documents in your test.

Triggering CleanResult: False Responses for Custom Threat Rules (Advanced Virus Scan API Functionality)

To trigger CleanResult: False responses when testing the custom threat rules available in the Advance Scan functionality, we recommend using standard test files provided by Cloudmersive. To acquire these files, please visit the Antivirus Test Files page on our GitHub.

Triggering CleanResult: False Responses for Basic Scan Functionality

To trigger CleanResult: False responses when testing the Basic Virus Scan API’s virus and malware detection functionality, we recommend using EICAR (European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research) files. Please ask your accounts team for the link to access EICAR files.

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