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Cloudmersive Private Cloud Server Communication
10/6/2021 - Cloudmersive Support

Cloudmersive Private Cloud can be configured to not communicate with the Internet at all during the course of operation.

However, by default Cloudmersive Private Cloud communicates with Cloudmersive servers for the following reasons:

  • Authentication: Cloudmersive authenticates API keys by calling back, with cacheing, to the Cloudmersive Authentication Service
  • Virus Definition Updates: Check for new virus definitions
  • Software Updates: Check for new software updates
  • Configuration Changes: Check for configuration changes made to the node(s) in the management portal to apply these changes locally
  • Licensing: Check license status and report CPU utilization for licensing purposes only
  • Technical Telemetry: Telemetry on certain kinds of internal errors relating to the state of Cloudmersive Private Cloud, but not relating to the contents of API calls made to the server

API Call payload data and metadata is NOT sent back to the Cloudmersive services for processing to ensure security and privacy.

Note that in addition, the Cloudmersive Private Cloud Installer (not covered in this article) communicates with the Cloudmersive servers during the installation process.

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